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Get on the Fast Track to Selling Your Venice Home Today

While you may love your Venice, California home, now might be the best time in years for you to consider selling. This is especially true if you are ready to cash out to upgrade to a nicer home (for instance, an ocean view home) or you’re ready to move away from Venice to travel the world, seek opportunities elsewhere, or be closer to family.

Even if you aren’t seriously thinking about selling your home at this point, now is a good time to learn how much your existing home is worth, especially if you think you may be moving in the next year or so.

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Why Selling Your Venice Home Makes Sense in Today’s Market 

Venice luxury home prices are currently at a record high. It is common for most homes to sell quickly and often receive multiple offers. Whether you’ve owned your home for many years or moved here more recently, now may be the right time for you to consider selling your Venice home.

Your Real Estate Agent Matters

Even thought the Venice real estate market is quite healthy, the real estate agent you choose to list your home will play a huge role in how fast your home gets offers – and how soon it ultimately sells… and at what price.

Selling luxury or ocean view Venice homes at or near a record price isn’t always easy. A well-qualified real estate agent can make it look simple by:

  • Comparing your home’s features and benefits to recently sold homes in Venice to develop a market value range for your home
  • Listing your home for sale at a price that mirrors your timetable for selling
  • Developing and implementing an aggressive marketing plan for your home, with a clear strategy for getting maximum market interest using advertising and established relationships with other real estate professionals
  • Negotiating the best possible deal that meets or exceeds your objectives on price, timing and terms 
  • Ensuring that your interests are protected at each stage of the selling process, from the day your home is listed until the sale closes

How to Sell Your Venice Home Quickly

As you can see from the bullet points listed above, there are quite a few moving parts involved in the successful sale of luxury Venice homes. You wouldn’t take financial advice from a rookie advisor. Your Venice home could be worth millions… shouldn’t you only trust the sale of your home to an experienced, qualified real estate agent?

MrWestside knows the Venice real estate market, has closed numerous multi-million dollar sales, and has a documented track record of helping Venice homeowners sell their homes. If experience and results are important to you, it makes sense to speak with MrWestside to plan the sale of your Venice home today.

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