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How to Sell Your West Los Angeles Home Faster Than You Might Think 

You’ve decided that now is the perfect time to sell your West Los Angeles luxury home. The only things standing in the way of getting started now revolve around fear of the unknown, preparing your home to sell… and choosing an agent who can get it sold quickly.

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How Does Your West Los Angeles Real Estate Agent Stack Up? 

Since you plan to entrust the sale of your luxury home to a West Los Angeles real estate agent, it is crucial that you are confident in your agent’s ability to market and sell your home for a price and terms that are favorable to you. 

Here are some things to consider before listing your West Los Angeles home for sale:

How experienced is your real estate agent?

Experience is an incredible teacher, especially for real estate agents. Challenges will need to be overcome and the best way of knowing how to overcome challenges is to have seen similar situations before. MrWestside has a long history of successfully overcoming challenges and offering rock solid guidance to clients. Has your real estate agent learned how to overcome challenges? Or are they hoping to use selling your West Los Angeles home as the first notch on their sales belt? Demand experience. This is crucial.  

Does your real estate agent sell homes close to the listing price?

A common tactic used by some real estate agents is to promise high listing prices that the agent knows are impractical (or even impossible). A competent West Los Angeles real estate agent will price homes honestly based on real valuations. An honest listing strategy is evident when a home sells for close to the asking price. Does your real estate agent consistently sell homes for full price, and in some cases, even more? 

How will your real estate agent market your home?

Will your real estate agent actively market your home? Or will they list it, then forget about it? Marketing plays a crucial role in the sale of a home, especially in the highly competitive West Los Angeles luxury real estate market. MrWestside uses effective online and offline real estate marketing strategies based on what works in today’s market, not what worked 20 years ago… or has worked only in theory.

Does your real estate agent put your best interests first?

A harsh reality of selling homes in any market, including West Los Angeles, is that some real estate agents will put their need for a commission before their client’s best interests. Not only is this unethical, in some instances it may also be illegal. MrWestside will always put your best interests first. Doing the right thing is always best – and is nearly always the most profitable option for everyone. 

What do others say about your real estate agent?

It is easy for a real estate agent to talk about what makes them so great. What really matters is what past clients say about their real estate agent. An effective real estate agent with a proven track record will have plenty of positive reviews. The agent will not be worried about you checking them out and reading what others have to say about the experience. MrWestside has many glowing online reviews. If you like, you can read some of them here.

Want to Talk About Listing Your West Los Angeles Home?

How well does your current real estate agent stack up? If you’d like to explore how much better your results can be by working with a professional, results-oriented West Los Angeles real estate firm, give MrWestside a call today at 310-571-3441

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