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JD is truly an incredible real estate agent. He's detail-oriented, patient, extremely responsive, and really knows his stuff!


My fiancé and I were looking for homes on the Westside and had spent 3 months by ourselves looking at open houses.  We were ready to find an agent to work with us.  After a bumpy experience with an agent who sold my NorCal home (project management was not his strength, and he wasn't detail-oriented at all), I resolved we needed to find a great real estate agent for our home purchase in SoCal.  


We we ended up phone screening 3 agents and also interviewed them in person, each for 1-2 hours.  JD really stood out - from our conversations with him it was clear he knew the area well, was extremely detail-oriented and wasn't bothered at all by our numerous detailed questions, and he made it clear he was responsive and available a lot of the time, including after normal work hours.  That was huge for us as we both work full time so we needed someone who could work with us in the evenings.  


We are so so glad we went with JD.  He was extremely patient and responsive throughout the time we worked with him.  He emailed us listings immediately after we signed the contract with him and we picked out 4-5 homes to check out during open houses on the next Sunday.  Unexpectedly, we fell in love with one right away (after seeing homes for 3 months we knew what we wanted right away).


The next day, Monday, JD was extremely patient as my fiancé and I debated if we wanted to put an offer down and if so, how soon - we were waiting on the sale of the other home to get the funds we needed. He gave us great advice and that we shouldn't be scared to put an offer down if it truly felt like the one, and we might as well try so we have no regrets, even with a contingent offer.  Just a note about contingent offers - it's nearly impossible to get a contingent offer accepted in the current LA home market (we were warned of this by the multiple agents we interviewed when we mentioned we had to wait on a sale to get funds).  That night at 9pm after we had some time to talk through the decision with our families, we made our decision to go ahead.  JD patiently made himself available, and we worked on the contingent offer and got it out right around midnight. (THANK YOU JD FOR BEING SO FLEXIBLE WITH YOUR TIME!!).


JD helped us navigate the offer process really well and even though two other higher offers came in, the seller took ours!  Part of that was thanks to JD's stellar reputation in the housing market here - the listing agent had had a great experience with JD previously and knew he brought good clients who would make the sale as hassle-free as possible.  So, the lesson here is go with a reputable agent that other agents in the area know and will want to work with.  JD is one of those :)


Throughout all steps of the process JD was clear in telling us what we could expect/what was coming next and extremely responsive (typical email response time was immediate to within a few hours).  Would highly recommend JD and we plan to work with him again if we have further LA real estate needs in the future!


JD responds extremely quickly to emails/calls and will give you whatever you ask for with a hassle-free experience.


JD is by far the best real estate agent in LA. If you ever need any real estate data, research, new home notifications, etc. contact JD immediately!!! JD responds extremely quickly to emails/calls and will give you whatever you ask for with a

hassle-free experience. I would *HIGHLY* recommend JD for all of your real estate needs and encourage you to get in touch with him. Thanks JD for the help and I look forward to continue working with you. I wish there were more real estate agents like you!


J.D. is one of the most honest and transparent professionals that I have worked with.


My wife and I just went through the process of buying a Los Angeles condo, which can be both physically and mentally exhausting.  So it's important to have the right help to guide you through.

We worked with J.D. Songstad and could not be happier.  In fact, we first met him 9 years previous and, though we decided not to purchase at that time, were very impressed with J.D. - so stayed on his distribution list for the entire 9 years until we were finally ready to purchase!

J.D. is highly organized, effective, and offers many resources for buyers - from his personal time, to his website and blog, to many types of buyer information and education.

J.D. also comes with his own network of professionals - from a fantastic mortgage company that we ourselves used, to inspectors, to even designers if you may need after your purchase.  J.D. has been doing this a long time so his connections and knowledge of important services run deep.

J.D. is also the nicest guy you'll ever work with in real estate!
Aside from all of the many great things I can say about J.D. that set him apart from other realtors, there are two main ones that strike me:

    1) One is the level of ethics and honesty he brings to the profession.  I always sensed that people either mistrusted or just always had the wrong real estate guidance.  I can tell you that J.D. is one of the most honest and transparent professionals that I have worked with.  You can trust J.D.!

    2) My wife and I always felt like we were J.D.'s only clients.  Though we purchased a nice condo, I know for sure J.D. deals with much more expensive properties - but yet he was always there for us, at all times of the day, to patiently answer questions and tirelessly keep things moving along the path of our new home purchase.

If you are looking to buy property in Los Angeles, even to just begin to learn about the process and ask questions - J.D. Songstad is the right guy!


He gave us great advice that got us an offer above asking price almost immediately after we put our home on the market.


I have had forty years experience in buying and selling homes due to multiple relocations and I can say without a doubt that JD is the world's best realtor! JD made selling our home so easy! He gave us great advice that got us an offer above asking price almost immediately after we put our home on the market. And since we live out of state, he helped us organize all repairs and improvements. He advised us on financial elements of the sale that saved us thousands of dollars we would have lost had he not mentioned. He always kept us informed and made the process of selling our home painless. We can't give him enough praise!


We’d work with him again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend him to anyone.


This is incredibly long overdue review, but we worked with J.D. Songstad in Sept/Oct 2016 to buy our first home. My husband and I had been casually looking at condos for several months and when we finally decided to get serious, we weren’t sure how to proceed, so we were so happy we found J.D.!  Immediately after our first phone call, he sent us an extensive list of potential properties and we were seeing places within a few days. He gave honest opinions when we asked, had a solid understanding of current market trends and respected our budget. He catered to our schedules and when we decided to put an offer in on a place that first week, he spent all of his Friday evening taking our many phone calls, providing us with sample introduction letters, and talking us through the process we were undertaking. He was patient and very attentive – he really makes you feel like you are his only client even though we knew how busy his schedule was. When our offer was accepted, he continued to explain next steps and made sure to ask thorough questions during the inspection process, as we had never been through one before. Through no fault of his own, the escrow process ended up being rather contentious due to some issues with the seller, but he shielded us from the brunt of it and really helped make a tough situation better. In the end, we came out with a new home that we love and we credit J.D. for helping make it possible. We’d work with him again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend him to anyone.


I would not hesitate to rate J.D. Songstad as the best agent I have worked with!


Based on my experience of buying and selling four condos and houses in the last 20 years in the West LA area, I would not hesitate for a second to rate Mr. J.D. Songstad as the very best agent I have worked with AND heard of from others’ experiences!  J.D. impressed my wife and me at the first meeting with his friendly, sunny and down-to-earth personality, which was reinforced by the unusually quick responses he did to our email and phone inquiries prior to the meeting.

A memorable detail is that he refused to shake hands with me when we first met because he was still in the middle of having a cold; yet, he managed to schedule on a rather last-minute-notice our visit to a property that we wanted to see urgently.  Although we were disappointed by what we saw in that showing, then J.D. began to reveal his incredibly rich knowledge about the housing market (particularly that in the Westside) by analyzing the current state of the market and presenting all kinds of options that might fit our budget and needs.  He was an excellent listener as well as a clear-headed analysist.  He was very sensitive to his clients’ needs and thus was able to put himself in his client’s shoes very quickly; yet, he also enlightened his clients by offering different perspectives.  He did all of these in a charming and low-key manner that we felt at home right away.  Thanks to his wisdom and knowledge, we opened up our search horizon and indeed found our dream house in an area that was never on my radar before.


 Once the purchasing process began, J.D. furthered impressed us with his brilliant negotiation skills and superb expertise on every step of the process.  He not only provided extremely useful advice on strategizing the purchase, but also went above and beyond to take care all the details in communication, negotiation, and arrangement for professional services.  He was clearly the most responsive agent I have ever worked with, always getting back to me immediately or in very short time through email, text message or direct phone call.  When we encountered some difficulties and unexpected problems in the middle of the process, J.D.’s personality and character proved to be an extra plus/strength.  He was calm, pragmatic, and positive, which helped us to stay calm and positive as well.  Meanwhile, he used his rich experience, excellent expertise and strong network of connections to find solutions and helped to push the process forward all the way to escrow closing.


In short, J.D. is such an outstanding, cheerful, knowledgeable and skillful agent that purchasing our dream house with his help has definitely become one of the enjoyable and unforgettable highlights for us in 2016.  I would super-strongly recommend Mr. J.D. Songstad to anyone who wants to find a brilliant and pleasant agent to work with.


We are both blown away with J.D.'s level of professionalism and diligence.


My wife and I are new to the West LA region, and we found JD based on his yelp reviews for his expertise in the area. We are both blown away with J.D.'s level of professionalism and diligence. We tried other realtors in the area and found that none of the others were as responsive or knew the area quite as well as J.D. I would definitely recommend J.D. to any of my friends looking to buy in the area!




JD is THE BEST! We worked with him for about four months, and he helped us find our dream home. Ours was a rather difficult transaction, and he was so good at keeping everyone calm, focused and working together. I know there were times when another agent would have gotten frustrated and lost his or her cool, but not JD. He was kind and patient when we were scared and at our worst. He negotiated with the sellers and their agent and helped us through everything even when one or more parties were being unreasonable. Buying a house can be overwhelming and scary - you never know if you're making the right decision. I really appreciated that JD knew so much about the industry and the area. He knew what to ask and what to look for and what to warn us about. I felt confident that he was looking out for our best interests and making sure we had all the information we needed to feel comfortable with our decision. I would highly recommend JD to anyone buying a home in Los Angeles, and will definitely use him again if I ever move out of my new dream home.


JD always made us seem like we were his only clients.


In today's hot real estate market, JD very patiently worked with us to find our home over the last six months. Through this process, JD always made us seem like we were his only clients - he worked with us at all hours of the night, drove us around to see homes, sent us individualized listings on a daily basis, and was insightful in steering us away from homes we might not like. JD has the qualities many look for in a real estate agent: he does NOT try to "sell" you on particular homes, he's patient, persistent and always on time and reachable. We couldn't be happier having found a home on the Westside - in Brentwood - with the best realtor we could have asked for! If you need to buy/sell a home, don't hesitate to contact JD for your real estate needs!


We will highly recommend JD to others seeking properties on the Westside.


JD stayed with us even as we spent several years seeking the right place for us in LA. He was available when called upon and waited patiently as we took a considerable amount of time deciding whether and when to buy. We will highly recommend JD to others seeking properties on the Westside.


He is also internet savvy and will market your property well.


JD has helped me buy two homes and sell two homes. He is honest, thorough, organized, reliable, and knows the Westside. He is also internet savvy and will market your property well. Highly recommended!


J.D. was unwaveringly focused on our being happy with the purchase.


We first learned about J.D. after soliciting recommendations from all of our friends in the Santa Monica and West L.A. areas for buyer's agents. The friend who recommended J.D. had worked with him on purchasing and selling various homes over the course of many years and was quite complimentary. After deciding not to continue on with agents that we had worked with briefly (we have high standards, and it's hard to find a good agent in L.A.!), we ended up selecting J.D. He really stood out for his professionalism, clear communication skills, responsiveness and knowledgeability. As first time buyers, we were very anxious and wanted to err on the side of comprehensiveness. J.D. came prepared with the information that we needed regarding the entire process (and if he didn't know the answer, he would look into it and get back to us as soon as possible). J.D. is also supremely organized. He had all of the paperwork, inspection materials and DocuSign documents at his fingertips, and was quite proficient with the technical issues and finding errors in the paperwork that the sellers' agent had prepared. (For some reason, the other agents we had worked with could not figure out DocuSign, and forced us to wait around through multiple drafts replete with errors).


J.D. also had a handy list of inspectors and contractors that he had assiduously vetted through his various clients, and updated based on their feedback. As we walked through the house we ended up purchasing, he pointed out issues with the home that we hadn't originally noticed, but that were incredibly prescient. For example, the HVAC unit in our home technically worked upon initial inspection but proved to be completely inadequate for servicing the house based upon a special "HVAC inspection" that J.D. recommended. (Certainly a big-ticket item in repair negotiations.) He also noticed other flaws that we had completely missed, like the broken seals on the double-pane windows.


From the very beginning, it was clear that J.D. was unwaveringly focused on our being happy with the purchase, and negotiating the best deal possible for us - even if that required extra work and time on his part. He wasn't obsessed with closing the deal for the highest amount possible (a problem with incentives, I noticed, that our earlier 2 agents seemed unable to withstand, and the reason we decided not to continue with them). A dominant theme that emerged from our interactions with J.D. is that he clearly views his role as an agent quite seriously - not just some side job to make extra money quickly. And, he is a genuinely nice, good person (sometimes, in the end, that makes all the difference...). We highly recommend J.D.


Good going JD!


I have been working with JD for many years and must say that when a problem arises that could make a deal cancel, he seems to be able to solve the problem and save the transaction. I don't think we have ever had a cancellation when JD is the RE agent. Good going JD!


I felt like a friend instead of a client.


I have known JD since 2008 when he set me up with a personalized client website to help me find a perfect place. Since then JD has helped me with 3 real estate transactions. He has been not only an efficient realtor, attentive to detail but went above and beyond in communicating the details of the real estate transaction between seller, lender, buyer's agent and HOA. JD's priority and focus are on keeping a smooth flow of each transaction. I felt like a friend instead of a client.


J.D. did a terrific job throughout the entire process.


J.D. did a terrific job throughout the entire process of selling our home. He knew paperwork process in and out, knew the neighborhood well, and he was willing to really advertise! He knew how to find every positive in the property- and brought that to every potential buyers' attention. In addition, J.D. is very professional and friendly... Would highly recommend.


JD knew the market.


JD knew the market and helped set a great price for our condo. As I'm an out of town seller, he stepped in for things when I couldn't be there. He provided good suggestions for staging as well. His negotiating skills with the buyer were great, and I was kept informed at every step. I would use him again.


I had a great experience with JD.


I had a great experience with JD. He worked with me on and off over 3 years while I went in and out of the real estate market (moving here, going from renting to selling my previous residence in another state, etc.) and he was incredibly patient and helpful through the whole process. He from the start put me on an automatic email system that regularly gave me MLS listings matching my criteria so I could keep up with what was on the market. And when we got down to writing offers he was clear about and on top of the steps involved and immediately responsive to my and the listing agent's questions. He was very good about giving me the information I needed to make a decision but left the decisions to me. The market in Santa Monica is highly competitive, and I believe that I finally got an offer accepted largely due to JD's advice and his good reputation with the listing agent. Thank you, JD!


My wife and I highly recommend J.D. Songstad.


J.D. has earned the title "MrWestside" honestly: he finds the best properties and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the best neighborhoods. But that doesn't tell the full story.


Having recently purchased a property with J.D. as our realtor, we were constantly amazed at his mastery of arcane paperwork details. We were very confident in his knowledge of the process and ability to guide us through to the end. He has good common sense and is always attentive and available to help.


That's not even the best part. The best part is he's extremely patient, especially when he didn't have to be.


My wife and I highly recommend J.D. Songstad if you're buying on the Westside.


A true professional!


A true professional! Helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with us for the entire process of buying our home. Thanks, JD!



Number one!


Number one!


He goes above and beyond!


JD is incredible, he goes above and beyond! I was indecisive about the area I wanted to buy in, and he was patient and extremely helpful in showing me many wonderful properties, as well as explaining the pros and cons of different areas. JD is not just looking for a quick deal, he wants to build long term relationships.


I highly recommend you give JD the opportunity to represent you!



First-rate Realtor.


Good guy, hardworking, first-rate Realtor.



He was patient, level headed and a tough negotiator.


JD really helped me, a first time home buyer, learn the ropes quickly when buying my first home. He was patient, level headed and a tough negotiator. Thanks JD!



JD goes the extra mile.


JD goes the extra mile and is a great agent for buying or selling.





JD was awesome!


JD was awesome! He was simply brilliant at answering our questions. He made everything super easy.

I highly recommend him. 



J.D. does an exceptional job.


J.D. does an exceptional job of listening to his clients, ensuring their best interest is always his priority. He is a tough negotiator and is extremely knowledgeable about the intricacies and complexities of Real Estate transactions.

He is my go-to resource for all things real estate.



I would definitely recommend him.


J.D. helped us buy a house in Venice. He was tremendously helpful. It turned out that at crucial moments we were traveling around the country and even out of the country (we signed some key documents in a small town in Vermont), and he helped us navigate that. Plus just all the basics of inspection, negotiation, paperwork requirements One of our most positive experiences with a realtor ever. I would definitely recommend him.



He was very helpful and highly responsive.


J.D. was the selling agent for the home we ended up purchasing. He was very helpful and highly responsive. We had some issues arise a few months after we had purchased the home, and J.D. was quick to get back to us and help us resolve the issue. Although we weren't his clients, he seems like he would be great to work with and we'll definitely keep him in mind if/when the time comes to sell our home.



He was very helpful.


JD was representing the seller where I was the buyer, but he was very involved as a selling agent as I was from out of town. He was very helpful in providing condo association information and making the purchase smooth and facilitated issues with the departing tenant. Good Job!



I recommend him wholeheartedly!


JD is an excellent realtor. He has sold 2 homes for my family and also helped us through 3 purchases. His marketing strategies, both online and offline, are exceptional. He is detail-oriented, thorough, and easy to work with. I recommend him wholeheartedly!



I was really happy working with JD.


I was really happy working with JD as a first time home buyer. Though it took a few years for me to find a place that I liked, JD was very patient with me throughout the whole process. His knowledge of the real estate markets in West LA, as well as the general home purchase process, was invaluable. I would highly recommend JD.



We could not have been more pleased.


My wife and I had the good fortune to work with J.D. in our purchase of a Santa Monica condo. We could not have been more pleased with his professional input with our purchase.



JD did a fantastic job.


JD did a fantastic job helping us find a home. He was patient and thorough with the recommendations he gave us. We've worked with a lot of realtors over the years, but JD really stood out for his commitment to finding us the right home.



Great deals are made when you have a great realtor!


I found J.D. to be an honest, real and a true professional. At the same time, he was very friendly and easy to work with. He was always available and helpful to answer all my questions promptly. He is experienced and knowledgeable. He cared about my situation and made sure that everything runs smoothly. Thanks to him, I was able to get the place that I wanted, at the right time and right price. Great deals are made when you have a great realtor!



It was a pleasure working with Mr Westside!


As a first time home buyer, JD Helped through a very difficult and stressful purchase. Throughout the entire transaction, he had a very calm demeanor and was always looking out for us. He got us a great deal even in a competitive market. Not just a great deal but an outstanding deal, and he had to work so hard for it! It was a pleasure working with Mr Westside!



J.D. Songstad is an excellent realtor.


J.D. Songstad is an excellent realtor, first guiding you in preparing your house for a fast and rewarding sale and then so accomplishing the sale. If you follow his advice, he will sell your house for the highest achievable price without delay. 



He has been very professional.


JD has helped us purchase two properties. He has been very professional, helpful, and easy to work with. His attention to detail during inspections saved us a lot of potential future trouble and a lot of money. We strongly recommend him and would use him again were we to purchase property in the future.



We highly recommend J.D.


Buying a home can be stressful and having a good agent makes a difference. It was great working with J.D. on getting our new home. As first-time buyers, my husband and I relied on him for questions about inspections, agreements, repairs, seller negotiations and all the little details in between. The best part of working with J.D. is his accessibility, no matter the time of day if we had a question or concern we could email or call and he would always get back to us promptly. We highly recommend J.D. because even after the purchase was complete, he still found a way to do more and to assist us even further.



JD is thorough on both the selling and buying process.


JD is thorough on both the selling and buying process. He is very responsive and knows the ins and outs of his business. He is skilled at using the Internet to help sell a client's home or to help them easily locate the home of their dreams. I recommend him 100%!





He had a lot of resources, knowledge and experience.


My husband and I ran into JD at an open house when we were in the market to buy, and he immediately struck us as someone we wanted to work with. We definitely did not want a high-pressure type real estate agent since we were first time home buyers and JD was the perfect fit. He had a lot of resources, knowledge and experience to share and walked us through the process with patience. He is extremely reliable and responsive.



JD is an energetic and well-organized broker.


We had a somewhat unique association with JD. We were out of town buyers. We owned a condo in NYC while our son was going to school out there. When he moved to the LA area, we decided to sell the NYC condo and purchase one in LA, where our son could rent from us. We found JD Songstad online, and from the first contact, we knew we had chosen the right broker. His knowledge of the areas in which we were interested was excellent, and the long distance service he provided was masterful. Our son met up with JD, and they toured some properties (based on our criteria) and by the time we were able to fly down to LA, JD had a list of 10 or 12 properties, all of which fit our criteria to the last detail. He did not try to upsell us and was invaluable in advising us on the right cities and neighborhoods. We probably spent 6 hours viewing these properties with JD before we made our choice of a property in Santa Monica. JD is an energetic and well-organized broker. His email newsletter keeps us informed about the LA market, which for out of state owners, is a great service. Without reservation, we would recommend JD for anyone in the LA area.



J.D. was energetic, organized, positive, creative.


I bought the home my family and I have enjoyed for nine years now with J.D.'s impressive help. J.D. was energetic, organized, positive, creative and altogether exactly what we needed in a real estate agent when moving from the east coast to Santa Monica/LA for the first time. J.D. made sure we saw many types of available homes in the neighborhoods that we wanted to explore, and then made the deal happen when we were ready to make an offer. I'd refer anyone to J.D. - he's an honest, quality agent.



I recommend JD's service.


It's with great pleasure that I recommend JD's service to other friends and customers who are seeking a realtor who has their best interest at heart. JD and I worked on a property in 2004 and then in 2006. Whenever I'm back in the market, I know where to go to.



JD was the first Agent we completely trusted.


JD was the first Agent we completely trusted. We had a few other Agents during our past three real estate transactions, but we were very happy with his friendly personality and treated him like our family. His advice was sincere and professional. We like him a lot, and we would use him again when we are ready to sell this property.



JD is terrific!


JD is terrific! I have used him for two purchases, and he was terrific. He is extremely knowledgeable and adept at finding properties I wouldn't have located myself. He is very easygoing and easy to deal with, yet business-savvy and a strong negotiator with other agents and brokers. We would not be in our current house if he had not alerted us to an opportunity that we would not have considered on our own. Also, he is very flexible. I am a busy professional without a lot of free time. JD is easy to reach by email, phone, social networking site, etc. -- he knows how to make things fast and easy for busy clients without missing any details. He is very thorough, yet very efficient. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in LA.





JD has been instrumental in my pursuit.


JD helped me find my current house after I spent nearly two years looking all over West Los Angeles. Recently, I began looking for another house in the Marina del Rey area and JD has been instrumental in my pursuit, with his detailed knowledge of the area and comp set of recent transactions. We have not pulled the trigger yet, but he has been very skillful in our bidding approach to the many places that I have viewed. 



J.D. is honest and highly motivated.


J.D. is honest and highly motivated. He has helped me in my search for homes from primary residences to investment properties, and he has referred me to very good mortgage brokers. When friends or newbies are struggling to find a place to live, I recommend them to J.D. He is very responsive and open to personal interests and preferences.



JD is a great agent.


JD is a great agent. I've used him on 5 transactions since 2002. He knows the local market very well, has always been honest with me (e.g. when my house was worth less than I thought, he told me so!), is always on top of the details of a transaction, is great at follow-up, and has always been available to answer the questions that come up during a transaction. Most importantly, I never doubt that looking after my best interests is his #1 priority. One more thing - he's not the slippery used car salesman type that so many agents are.



We highly recommend J.D.


J.D. was not only very capable and professional in finding the right house for our family but always approachable and available for scheduling viewings even on a short-notice. He has the gift to listen to his clients, quickly grasping what his clients are looking for and making the right choices so that the precious time of his clients is not being wasted. When it came to the final buy decision J.D. was extremely persistent to get the documents into place and contracts executed.


We highly recommend J.D. when it comes to finding a new home at the Westside and look forward to getting him involved next time we move again.



My absolutely Most Favorite Realtor!


My absolutely Most Favorite Realtor! He totally deserves the MFR award!

I have been condo shopping for the past 2 months on the Westside... JD has been more than helpful. Since I am staying in a decent place that is 7 minutes (including traffic + traffic light) away from work right now, I am really not trying too hard to look for a place.


However, JD has been super patient with me. From my random desire to get a 1 bedroom and expanded the scope to a 2 bedroom, JD made sure every place we see has parking spot (Josie's #2 Priority), nice bathroom, awesome closet... and most importantly located within 10 minutes away from my work!!!!


JD is friendly, funny and just fantastic to go condo shopping with. He is honest, knowledgeable, and often give good suggestions. He would remind me of things I have absolutely not thought about. Absolutely detail-oriented! While I still haven't made up my mind yet, I am getting really, really close to deciding on a place. Choices choices... life is full of choices.

It's tough enough to choose your future home, don't spend more time to choose your agent. JD is your man!



I recommend him for any real estate transactions.


JD is the best. I have used him for 2 purchase transactions, and he was exceptional. He is smart, detail oriented and gets the job done. I recommend him for any real estate transactions.



He has a great upbeat and positive personality.


My husband and I had the pleasure of working with J.D. to purchase our first home. J.D. is a very knowledgeable professional who makes his clients feel at ease from the very start. He has a great upbeat and positive personality. He listens to his clients needs and will go far and beyond their expectations of service. I would definitely hire J.D. again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a home in and around the Los Angeles area.



I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.


JD was suggested by a friend as a person who knew the area in which the property was located and had had experience with similar transactions in that area. I was not disappointed in as much as his assessment of the area and his suggestions were accurate and very worthwhile, allowing me to maximize the value of the estate for which I was the trustee.

He was available at all times for my questions and for advice on all aspects of the sale. He kept me aware of every step as it occurred and helped greatly in setting up a record of all the stages of the transaction. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others and would definitely repeat the comments given above. His assistance definitely made handling the sale of the property much easier for me.



He was a godsend.


JD kept us informed about homes in our dream area for years and when we were finally ready to buy shepherded us through the entire process. He was a godsend for first-time buyers.





1. good website 2. experienced 3. patient 4. professional 5. recommend.